10 Healthiest Foods Mother Nature Gave Us


2. Mushrooms

You might potentially be surprised to see mushrooms on the list of the healthiest foods in the world, but the truth is mushrooms are worthy of a spot because mother nature intended for them to grow in rich organic matter without any pesticides, which if used would kill the spores that develop into mushrooms.

Mushrooms are very rich in iron and protein, and have recently proven to be very useful in modern medicine in the fight against breast cancer.

One of the most obvious reasons why most people don’t associate mushrooms with uber healthy foods is the fact that many commercial mushroom farmers use insecticides (not pesticides, but still very unhealthy) when harvesting mushrooms, knocking them right off the list of healthy foods.

U.S. Department of Agriculture has found 14 types of insecticides in mushroom crops, so by all means you should be buying organic mushrooms.

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