Foods That Help You Suppress Your Appetite In a Natural Way


2. Caffeine (Coffee, Green Tea)

Caffeine is a highly effective natural appetite suppressant. Green tea in particular is full of powerful antioxidants that have numerous health benefits.

While the caffeine in coffee and green tea will temporarily squelch your appetite, don’t rely on your daily intake to help you lose weight – especially if you stick to the daily recommended dosage of 1-2 cups.

While upping your intake will suppress your hunger cravings, it’s not advisable since drinking too much will increase your sleeplessness and anxiety, and kick your heart rate and blood pressure into high gear.

To get the best of your caffeine fix, limit your intake to the recommended 1-2 cups. But take the calories from sugar and cream into account.

For example, mocha drinks have as much as 350 calories in a small cup, and those calories won’t fill you up as they would if you took them in solid form. The sleep deprivation associated with caffeine can also sabotage your weight loss program. Skip a few hours of sleep at night and you’ll be tired and hungry the next day.

The upside is that drinking coffee and/or green tea will help increase your metabolism and burn more calories. Just pay attention to the limits and go easy on the cream and sugar.

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