Delicious Foods That Make You Thin


2. Coconut Oil

Many popular diets advocate the elimination of saturated fats; however, it is vital to understand that not all saturated fats are the same.

Although coconut oil is a saturated fat, it won’t affect your weight loss goals. Coconut oil is considered a medium-chain triglyceride, unlike the long-chain triglycerides in animal fats.

Medium-chain fats are associated with a boost in metabolism and improved ability to sustain long-term weight loss. These fatty acids are metabolized differently from longer chain fats.

Instead of entering your bloodstream, they’re sent directly to your liver where they are used for energy or converted to ketone bodies.

Also, several animal studies revealed that the body stores medium chain fats less efficiently than other fats. So adding coconut oil to your diet will improve your fat loss, especially the dangerous visceral fat on your waistline.

Coconut oil curbs appetite, which means you’ll consume fewer calories without thinking about it. The combined effect of improving your metabolism and your daily caloric intake provides a one-two punch in your battle for weight loss.

As an added benefit, the fats found in coconut oil do not pose the same heart-damaging risks of animal fats. Try frying shrimp or sweet potato fries in coconut oil for a unique, slightly sweet flavor.

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