10 Fast Food Chains That Changed The World


Hamburgers, pizzas, donuts, tacos, pancakes, pies, cakes, coffee, you name it – they have it. Fast food lifestyle has managed to immensely changed our eating habits over the years, while the fast food industry itself has changed a lot.

New fast food restaurants are cropping up on a daily basis. Some fail to meet the ever-changing standards of worldwide consumers and perish more quickly than they started, but others manage to grow and turn into hugely popular chains dispersed across the globe.

Here we have our top 10 list of fast food chains that changed the world. Should you think we forgot your favorite one, feel free to mention it in the comments section. Enjoy.

10. Papa John’s Pizza

Starring off with everyone’s favorite food – Pizza. Papa John’s was founded in back 1983 by a guy called John Schnatter, whose nickname was, you guessed it – Papa.

This, now huge restaurant chain, started out as a small place that sold this delicious Italian specialty to people working at a tavern. However, his pizza was so good, it took him only one year to become extremely popular around the block.

Naturally, the business expanded and today Papa John’s Pizza is among the three most popular and largest take-out and delivery pizza restaurant chain in US. “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza” is Papa’s official slogan, and boy is he right!

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