10 Biggest Food Scandals That Shook The World


Food scandals can be nightmarish for the harm they inflict as well as the fear they cause. People depend, of course, on safe food, but scandals happen time and again. The following are some of the biggest food-related scandals to shake the world. They’ve caused many people to look at food differently forevermore.

1. Fanta

Many people are used to seeing bottles of Fanta at their local grocery store. Yet this brand has a decidedly scandalous history.

Unfortunately for Coca-Cola, the company couldn’t sell its cola syrup to Germany because of a little conflict known as World War II.

The company’s German branch was unable to supply thirsty Nazis with the world’s favorite soda pop. So, the company’s German headquarters created a new beverage and called it Fanta.

While the German-based group wanted to stay afloat and keep producing soft drinks in spite of trade embargos, they probably weren’t doing anything too scandalous by continuing to make beverages.

The scandal blew up, however, after the war when Coca-Cola happily took over the profits made from selling Fanta to Germans – Nazis included. Many Westerners were dismayed about this conflict of interest and questioned the company’s loyalty.

Coca-Cola also maintained the Fanta brand and continued to make Fanta products to sell. The scandal, however, seemed to suggest that the war was a minor inconvenience and its conclusion merely meant a return back to business as usual.

Today there are more than ninety flavors of Fanta world-wide. Apparently, people got over the scandal. Coca-Cola remains the most popular soft drink in the world.

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