10 Banned Foods That Americans Still Eat


Although the majority of the world has caught on the bad affects some food products have, Americans still consume them. There are many reasons behind this, the important thing is to spread the world and not jeopardize your health any further. These 10 foods are banned across the world, but Americans still eat them for some reason.

1. Farm-Raised Salmon

Salmon is amazing for pretty much everything, and it’s probably the healthiest fish on the face of the Earth.

However, farm-raised salmon is something that shouldn’t be consumed. Furthermore, salmon shouldn’t be farm-raised at all.

Farm-raised salmon is raised on an unnatural diet of grains (including genetically engineered ones) and are given a bunch of toxins, vitamins, drugs, antibiotics, and chemicals which are not safe for human beings.

Farm-raised salmon is fattier than wild salmon, but it also contains 50% less omega-3 fats and much less protein. It also doesn’t have the well-known pink-red color so it has to be fed with synthetic astaxanthin (made from petrochemicals).

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