White Tea: The Drink of Health

March 19, 2019


Tea has been used as medicine for centuries around the world, and while modern medicine may never fully appreciate its heath benefits, drinking tea on a regular basis can alleviate the symptoms of various infections, help with weight loss and regulate blood pressure.

Although green and black tea are more popular than white tea, white tea is actually the healthiest of the bunch due to the fact that it contains the largest amount of antioxidants and it’s the least processed type of tea.

White tea’s antioxidants protect the body from free radicals and thus can play an important role in cancer treatment. The antioxidants found in white tea can successfully fight off cancer cells when it comes to prostate, stomach and colon cancer.

White tea is a great ally in the fight against viral and bacterial infections and a more powerful helper than green tea in this regard. Further, white tea aids in the battle against tooth decay and bad breath and it also has potent anti-aging effects.

White tea is also known for decreasing blood pressure and improving the overall circulation. With that come the positive effects white tea has on the heart and cholesterol levels by increasing the good cholesterol and decreasing the bad one. Finally, white tea can restore bone density and help fight the symptoms of osteoporosis.