What Makes A Healthy Breakfast

April 22, 2019


Breakfast is certainly one of the most important meals of the day, especially for children and their developing bodies. A healthy breakfast consists of 4 food groups, fruits and vegetables, grains, milk and meats.

Fruits and vegetables are best served fresh, although frozen or canned produce is also an option. If opting for such products, make sure there is no added sugar or other ingredients and that what you are eating is 100% a fruit or veggie.

When it comes to grains, your choice ranges from whole-grain cereal, whole-grain bread or bagels to low-fat pastries, such as muffins or similar foods. Opting for cereal, bread or a pastry made with no flour is certainly the healthiest option of the bunch, while avoiding white flour is practically a must.

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In case of milk, you can opt for eggs, fat-free yogurt, milk or other low-fat dairy products, rotating them as it suits your taste buds.

Dairy products, such as cheese, can be paired with lean meats or poultry for a healthy breakfast, followed by a small fruit or veggie salad. The key is in a variety of nutrients that are consumed in the morning to give the body enough fuel for proper functioning.