To Blend Or To Juice?

June 18, 2019


These hot summer days are a perfect excuse to drink cool, tasty beverages. Not soft drinks which are packed with sugar, but ice-infused drinks you made in your kitchen with healthy ingredients.

Still, there is one question everyone is asking – should you blend your ingredients into a smoothie or make a juice out of them? Today, we will try to answer that question.

The Clear Difference

While choosing between juicing and blending is mostly a matter of preference, there are still some things juices simply can’t do for you, things blended smoothies excel at.

For example, juicing fruit and vegetables into liquid form is a process which discards most of the fiber, giving you extracted water and nutrients from the ingredients in your glass.

It has been proven that we can absorb nutrients much more efficiently when we consume them in liquid form. But before you decide to go for a juice, read on to see what blending can do for you.

A Blend Of Health

Contrary to juicing, blending doesn’t actually remove anything from your ingredients. Instead, it simply pulverizes them into a delicious smoothie.

Now, the real advantage blending has over juicing is in terms of nutrient distribution. Since nutrients get broken down when veggies and fruit are blended, they become much easier to digest, while blending also ensures you avoid blood sugar spikes caused by fructose.

Bottom line, the answer to the question ‘to blend or to juice’ is: blend.

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Not only is this process faster and more susceptible to variation, but blending your foods into shakes and smoothies is in fact more beneficial to you than juicing it.