The Best Foodie Valentine’s Day Gifts Part 2

January 29, 2019


The most romantic day of the year (according to some) is approaching, and everyone who loves someone is out searching for the perfect way to express their love.

When foodies are involved, Valentine’s Day is all about food – and we’re not just talking about your average candlelight dinner.

Foodies of all kinds will like anything you give them as long as they love you, but their hearts will be yours for all eternity if you surprise them with one of these awesome gifts.

A Fancy New Cookbook

If your significant other has a thing for cookbooks, and gets every single one he/she can, the perfect Valentine’s Day present might be completely obvious. There’s no chance that your food-loving partner won’t love this present! The best thing about the present comes after Valentine’s Day: you’ll get to try all of those new recipes for yourself.

A Very Special Box Of Chocolates

Many establishments are offering personally made chocolate boxes from the gods of modern cuisine, so if your partner is a chef groupie, you might want to splurge a bit and completely amaze them with this unusual, special present. Not only that, but the boxes usually get auctioned off and all of the proceedings are donated to charities.

Who says that Valentine’s Day is reserved for only two people at a time? 2016 has brought us a completely new concept of dining in, and it’s perfect for social media lovers. If your beloved loves meeting new people, an unusual, adventurous dinner at a stranger’s house could the perfect present for him or her. You can join someone’s dinner for free just by signing up on

Anti-Valentine Sets

Yes, even this exists. A lot of establishments around the world are now throwing “anti-Valentine” parties, which grant free drinks to every party of three or more. If you and your partner aren’t really romantic types, but you still want to spend a night on the town and show everyone how it’s done, an anti-Valentine set might be the perfect surprise.