The Art Of Eating Slowly

June 23, 2019


Maintaining a healthy body weight is never easy. You need to watch your calories, control your portions, make smart food choices, and prepare your meals in many different, time-consuming ways.

However, all those greens and sugar-free foods you’ve spent hours on preparing will virtually go to waste if you just sit down and eat them like there’s no tomorrow. Instead, you should take your time with your meals, and here’s why you should do it.

Seal Of Approval

Eating slowly is one of the key factors of both weight loss and maintenance.

While certain diets would rather promote obliterating healthy foods in the shortest possible time, science is here to prove that slow eating is actually much, much healthier.

Many studies have dealt with this phenomenon and they have all found the same thing – eating slowly makes you consume fewer calories.

This is because you give your body more time to absorb nutrients from foods and separate them from things it doesn’t need. Also, people tend to drink more when they eat like this, which in turn provides them with the feeling of satisfaction earlier than usual.

A Long List Of Benefits

The benefits of slow eating do not stop at consuming fewer calories. In fact, there’s much more to this than you’ve previously thought.

Various researches over the years have found that eating your foods slowly actually triggers significant biochemical changes, which in turn can help in preventing diabetes, diminishing your cravings, increasing satiety, and lowering the risk of becoming overweight or obese.

Bottom line, the way we eat our foods is very similar to our diets. Being hasty might seem like a good idea, but taking your time and being patient is what pays off the most.