Mathematicians Figured Out The Best Way To Slice Pizza

January 12, 2019


It seems that we’ve been slicing pizza the wrong way all this time. Mathematicians have figured out the best way to slice a pizza, in order to get equally sized slices. However, the right way isn’t exactly the easiest way.

Mathematicians from the University of Liverpool developed geometric designs that ensure that a person will end up with 12 identical pizza slices.

In their paper, titled “Infinite Families Of Monohedral Disk Tilings,” math experts Joel Haddley and Stephen Worsley presented several different ways of cutting the fan-favorite food.

According to the pizza-loving duo, “such tilings are produced on a daily basis by pizza chefs by taking radial cuts distrubted evenly around the centre of the pizza.” The first, and most simple ones, involves cutting the pizza into six curved slices, which are also supposed to be cut in half.

Worsely and Haddley extended their idea of slicing, and found that you can always create equal slices from curved pieces as long as it has an odd number of sides. However, they do admit that their way might be “impractical.” Still, the results are mathematically interesting and hunger-evoking.