How Water Can Help You Lose Weight

March 30, 2019


It is common knowlegde that experts suggest drinking as much water per day as possible for fighting various health problems and maintaining good overall fitness. Water is definitely a powerful weapon in different battles, but how exactly does it help with weight loss?

Drinking water throughout the day makes us feel full and reduces our appetite for fat and high-calorie foods.

Drinking water when feeling we could go for a tasty snack is healthier and stops us from consuming additional food that hinders weight loss.

Replacing sweetened drinks with water or water with lemon means intaking far fewer calories than if drinking soda or alcoholic beverages.

Having a bottle of water handy at all times makes it easier to get used to drinking it instead of coffee or coke, for instance, which are so readily available.

A water detox is another rather useful way to lose excess weight and it involves a 24-hour water diet once a week. Set up an entire day every week when you won’t eat but will only drink water. In order to prepare for the water detox start removing foods and drinks that are rich in sugar, fat and caffeine 7 days in advance and on that particular day drink much more water than usual.