How To Get Your Kids To Eat Healthy

April 6, 2019


Dealing with picky eaters can certainly be frustrating for moms and dads and getting the kids to eat healthy can be both challenging and rewarding. In lots of cases, kids will mimic their parents and eat what they eat, but there are always a few vegetables they won’t even “sniff”. Instead of forcing the kids to eat what they don’t like, try focusing on the foods they prefer, gradually introducing healthy veggies they detest into their diet with a few tricks.

For instance, dipping veggies kids don’t like into sauces or dressings they do like can be a good way to get them to eat that cauliflower or carrot.

As the little ones get bored easily, inviting them to help in the kitchen while you prepare food will be both fun and useful for them, as they won’t spend the afternoon playing video games, and are more likely to eat the food they helped prepare.

Sprinkling sugar on strawberries or kiwi, for example, or any fruit that is sour and kids don’t like to eat it is another good trick that they will enjoy and eventually grow out of, but will in the meantime eat healthy and develop good dietary habits.

Or, you can always follow Michelle Obama’s advice when it comes to teaching kids to eat healthy.

“It was basic: If you didn’t eat your vegetables, you can’t have a treat. If you said you were full, you can leave your food. But you can’t come back later and ask for more food,” the first lady said on the “The Tonight Show”. “So [after] a couple of days of starvation, then it’s like, ‘Give me that broccoli!’ They’re crawling to the dinner table. They’ll eat anything [after] three, four days of starvation!”

Sounds strict but it works!