Healthy Superfoods Straight From The Hive

August 12, 2019


Superfoods are a trend now – you won’t find healthier and less caloric foods than these ones. There are many types of superfoods, but one stands above all else.

While most of us a used to eating honey, there are actually more extremely healthy bee products than you might think. In that name, here are a couple of things bees create that you might want to add to your plate.

Nature’s Anti-Disease Pill

Bee products are not that much of a mystery. Ancient Egyptians, Indians, and Babylonians all used them for health, curing diseases and longevity.

First up is bee pollen. You might be allergic to inhaling it, but it is one of the most complete foods in nature when it’s in granule form.

It can contain up to seven times more protein than lean beef, while it’s also a great source of energy and a good contributor to metabolism speed.

Next, we have royal jelly. This milk-like fluid comes straight from the bees themselves, and is the main food source of the queen bee.

As for humans, it’s a very good provider of vitamin B5, which is great at combating fatigue, stress, and insomnia.

Finally, there’s propolis. There are many uses to this substance, as you can find it both as a food and as medicine. It’s a powerful antiseptic and antibiotic, so make sure you take it during flue and cold seasons to boost your immune system.