Have No Fear, Avocado Is Here

October 21, 2019


Everyone knows that fruits are healthy. However, some of them can provide you with more benefits than others. That being said, we present to you the magical and powerful avocado!

One Of A Kind

Avocado is truly a unique fruit, and it’s not just because of its looks. As some of our readers already know, there are different kinds of fats – some are unhealthy, while others can be used to oil up the machine that is the human body.

This is where avocado comes in. Often referred to as ‘nature’s butter’, this fruit is very rich in monosaturated fats, which are great antioxidant catalysts, as well as of big help for cardiovascular health.

Avocado’s story doesn’t end here, as there are more benefits it can provide you with. Since it’s rich in protein and fiber and has very low amounts of sugar – unlike most other fruits out there – consuming avocado is a great way to give your brain and body enough energy for the day.

Finally, there is one more very important thing you should know about avocados. It’s rich in potassium, vitamins B, and folate, which are all very beneficial for women in pregnancy, as well as infants.