Forget Antibiotics, Nature Has You Covered

October 8, 2019


Flu and common cold season is approaching fast, which means many of us will most likely catch at least one of these two illnesses sometime in the near future. But if you though you’re going to get cured by antibiotics, you should think again.

Natural Is Always Best

Even though antibiotics are the ultimate killing machine when it comes to bacteria, people often forget that none of these can actually differentiate the ‘good’ bacteria from the ‘bad’.

Take your digestive tract for example. Your stomach is packed with gut microbes – the ‘good’ bacteria which are responsible for helping you digest and which, along with your genes, determine the speed of your metabolism.

From the antibiotics’ perspective, all bacteria are ‘bad’. That’s why you often find yourself stuck with a stomach ache just after getting over a cold.

To avoid this and many other side issues of pharmaceutical antibiotics, why not go for antibiotics which are provided by nature, yet no less effective?

There are many things in your household which have the same healing properties as any antibiotic medicine, but without the underlying risks. From raw honey to grapefruit seed extract, to fermented foods and even garlic, your kitchen is probably the first place to look for a cure in case you get the flu or the common cold.