Foods To Eat After A Workout

May 26, 2019


A good workout depends on the frequency and intensity with which you hit the gym, but one important thing to keep in mind is that the foods you eat greatly affect your workout. Eating greasy fast food will decrease the effects of physical exercise and make it next to impossible to see any results.

In other words, make sure you adjust your diet to your exercise routine for best results.

After a good workout, it is recommended to eat foods that are rich in protein, such as eggs. Have a few boiled eggs after your gym session to ensure a large enough protein intake coupled with very few calories.

Another food that is easy to prepare and eat after physical activity is banana, a fruit that will help you rebuild damaged muscles and provide enough potassium to prevent muscle fatigue.

Bananas also contain natural sugar and vitamin B6, and are healthy both before and after a workout.

As far as drinks go, opt for orange juice for the same reason you would choose to eat bananas – potassium. Orange juice is also packed with vitamin C and it will definitely restore your body’s fluid levels. Try to stay clear from store-bought juice and make freshly squeezed juice at home, trying not to sweeten it at all as you don’t need artificial, refined sugar.