Eating Your Way To Fertility

October 15, 2019


Having a baby nowadays isn’t as easy as it was before – it takes careful planning, perfect circumstances, and a lot of persistence to even become pregnant, let alone raise a child. Not only that, but some people have to battle infertility on top of everything else!

It’s true that modern medicine makes things easier for people who are unable or have difficulties with conception. However, there might be a better way to achieve fertility – through foods.

Let The Body Fix Itself

Unlike visiting a clinic, eating your way to fertility enables conception without being aggressive or intrusive.

Instead, the foods you consume and the way you consume them will naturally enable you to have kids.

For starters, change the way you eat. In order to raise your fertility, you should take 4-5 hours breaks between meals, which should fill your belly ½ with food, ¼ with liquid, and ¼ left for air.

Memorize this rule and move on to picking the right foods for your meals. You need to focus on warm and light foods – this means warm by temperature and flavor, while light refers to preparation method and caloric value.

With these two methods combined, you’ll allow your body to slowly, but steadily improve the quality of your sperm or eggs. Bottom line, there’s no better way of healing your body than through healthy foods and good life habits.