Benefits Of The Wonderful Miso

May 26, 2019


Although it’s not a common food ingredient in American cuisine, miso has become one of the most trending food staples not just in America, but in Europe as well.

It has truly com a long way from its lands of origin, China and Japan. Made from soybeans and sea salt, miso is a type of pasta, often mixed with grains like rice and barley. This enzyme-rich food offers numerous health benefits to those who consume it, while also adding a special kick in taste.

This fascinating food has been making a lot of people much healthier for more than 2,500 years. Some of its best known qualities are its huge quantities of essential amino acids which make miso a complete protein, and its detoxifying abilities.

Namely, miso contains a binding agent called zybicolin, which is effective in eliminating elements that we take into our bodies through industrial pollution, artificial chemicals in the soil (and thus, in food), and radioactivity.

Besides being great in getting rid of toxins, this wonderful ingredient is also an amazing digestive stimulator and energizer- miso restores probiotics to the intestines and stimulates the secretion of digestive fluid in our stomachs. An amazing source of B vitamins, this vegetable-quality food source strengthens blood quality, lymph fluid, and the whole immune system.

Its sweet and salty flavor makes it pretty easy to combine with various other foods, so you won’t find eating miso a challenge. That is great news for all of those people who want to reduce risk for prostate, breast, lung, and colon cancers. It’s also important to mention that this Asian ingredient is incredibly high in antioxidants, which are crucial for protecting free radicals.

You can use miso in numerous different ways in even the most basic recipes – just make sure not to use too much if it when combining miso with other foods, as its strong salty flavor an easily overpower the dish.