10 Superfoods That Can Fight Cancer


In the modern world in which virtually everyone is an expert on nutrition, or anything else for that matter, it is always best to play it safe and go with what nature gave us. Forget all those expensive and fake cancer medications, the answer lies in your own fridge.

The phytonutrients and other special nutrients found in plant-based superfoods are the way to go, so make sure you introduce these 10 cancer-fighting foods to your daily diet. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

1. Raspberries

You can never go wrong with berries. Any kind of fruit from the berry-family is a must since these delicious little fruits are packed with cancer-fighting phytonutrients.

However, there is one berry that stands out from the crowd – raspberry. Raspberries are said to contain very high concentrations of phytochemicals called anthocyanins.

These crucial nutrients slow down the growth of premalignant cells and keep new blood vessels from forming and potentially helping the cancerous tumor cells grow.

According to Gary D. Stoner, PhD, a professor of internal medicine at The Ohio State University College of Medicine, these juicy fruits are great for fighting off colon, esophageal, oral, and skin cancers.

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